We’re a content marketing agency that’s on a mission to land you more customers from your content!

First things first. You’re probably asking yourself: what on earth do Vikings have to do with blog content? Since Vikings were last seen in Europe well before the dawn of the Internet, it’s a fair question.

  • Our main value is courage. Courage to persevere when things are tough, courage to do the right thing when it’s hard, and courage to say no and be ok when clients tell us no. Our founder had four failed businesses prior to this one. A Viking is a fitting symbol of this warrior spirit.
  • Our main office is in a part of north Germany that has historical links to the Vikings. Germans are famous for being organised and systematic. We are big fans of the E-Myth methodology and have a very systematic way of doing business.

What makes us different?

  • Unlike most digital agencies, we only focus on one aspect of digital marketing, namely content. We don’t mind if this loses us some business; we can’t please everyone. We believe you’d rather work with a specialist rather than a jack-of-all-trades.
  • Most of the content on the Internet is “mirage content.” It looks good and seems like it’s relevant… but no-one’s reading it because it’s too simplistic and not specific enough. Be honest, would you rather read an article called “5 ways to grow your business,” or “How Mark Cuban used a twist on the “ask for the sale” technique to close $1M of new business in 3 months?” Which one do you think is more authoritative? While most agencies write mirage content, we’ll actually do the upfront work required to produce content specific to your unique audience.
  • Here’s an industry secret: most of the people who write content suck at promoting it. As such, there are loads of businesses out there with great content on their website… that no-one’s reading. We recognise that writing good content is only half the battle, and have therefore developed solutions to promote your content.
  • When most businesses and agencies think of content promotion, they think “let’s share your content on your social media pages and see who reads it.” Yawn. If you want to grow your audience, why would you post content to your existing followers? This may have worked in 2002, but the Internet is saturated with content and you need to do a better job than that if you want to get noticed. Our approach? We’ll ask your best customers where they hang out online and go there to promote your content.

Want to chat about how we can super-charge your content marketing like Thor himself? Shoot us an email to get the ball rolling.

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