Geoff Walters Founder & CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur with Master’s from Cambridge University
  • Played French Horn for 19 years as a hobby

Diego Villena Account Manager & Editor

  • Affable, multidisciplinary autodidact with a B.A. in Music
  • Pioneering proponent of the “liuto americano”

Deborah Raymond Director of Business Development

  • 25 years experience introducing and delivering business solutions that help companies improve performance
  • Enjoys reading, walking on the beach, and gardening

Angela Bingham Marketing Associate

  • Formerly an English Teacher, currently a Digital Marketer, eternally a student.
  • Lived in Japan for 5 years, speaks Japanese. 

Daniela Hofmann Accountant

  • Finance professional with over 9 years experience working in the private & third sector
  • Lived & worked in Cairo when she was 19

Georgina Torbet Content Writer

  • Former academic with a PhD in psychology
  • Loves her bike and spent a summer cycling across Europe

John Bardinelli Content Writer

  • 15+ years covering technology, healthcare, cryptocurrencies, and gaming
  • Spends most of his spare time studying philosophy or hiking

Sarah Pripas Content Writer

  • PhD in History from UCLA
  • Major fan of the New York Yankees

Matt Seiltz Content Writer


  • Copywriter with a former life in prehospital medicine
  • Husband, father of 2 under 2


George Pitchkhadze Content Writer

  • Warwick Business School graduate with 5+ years of writing experience
  • Has lived in 4 countries and is studying a 5th language in anticipation of his next move

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